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Steps to connect with your gifts

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

In the previous blog, I talked about gifts and my experience founding them. Today ill like to give you some bits of advice, that I've taken from my own experience so that its easier for you to connect with those gifts that are activated. What do I mean by activated? Activated gifts are the ones that in this present moment can come out to the Surface and they are manifesting, even if you are not aware of it.

For example: “this last time I've been feeling attracted to plant seeds and taking care of plants, I've noticed that they grow and look prettier every day”

It may seem kinda silly, but maybe your gifts it's related to your hands. Its a very simple example, but gifts manifest in that way.

I'll leave you here, what you can do:

I. Observe in your day to day life, activities that make you feel calm and with a feeling of peace and content. If you're at the moment very busy or obfuscated, ask your self what is that you've stopped doing that brought you these sensations.

II. Try to remember what you loved to do as a kid and see if it relates to the activities that bring you peace and content.

III. Now that you've observed and remembered, the next step is to dig into why you stopped doing it or why you haven't started to do it already. See if the answers are related to certain family beliefs, trauma or some particular memory that can help you to see more clearly why is something you haven't pursued.

Supposing that you are already exercising a profession that you are passionate about, then it's just about observing how does your profession relate to other aspects. For example, doctors that love their professions are innate healers or massage therapists, their hands are healing. If you love the profession that you chose, you are already exercising your gift. This is just if you're curious to know more and will like to enrich it…. Like how does your gift works to help others and its esoteric nature.

It is also important to know that we not only come with one gift, most of the time we come with more and eventually they manifest. For example, I recently developed an interest in learning how to draw and now more than ever I feel the NEED to put the pencil on paper, something that although I had a desire to draw before, never felt this intense. This means to me that some gift related to drawing and my hands it's expressing. So what I did is literally put a pencil on paper and learn. I found out that I make some sort of symbols that are known to be “light language” and In the past when I was in school bored, I used to make them, they seemed pretty useless. But now in my daily job, which is channeling I've unlocked another gift, which is drawing “light codes”. While im just starting to discovering it, I see that it is something that it needed to be expressed.

If you already encountered your passion, but in the last time you been attracted to something new, that sparks your curiosity, don't give up on it.

IV. Reflect and be honest with yourself, this gift a lot of times has to come to the surface, little by little. Ask yourself if you have the possibility to give it a chance. Remember that your the only one who can make that decisión. That's why it is so important being honest with yourself. Being true to yourself allows you to accept your present circumstances.

V. Now you only have to do it, dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to start testing it. I personally used to dedicate half an hour and increased it slowly. But don't just leave it there, cultivate it and you'll see that it's going to be far from a heavy task, quite the opposite. Slowly but surely you'll be dedicating it way more time, precisely because you enjoy it, like nothing else.

VI. If you feel confident, even if there's fear, try and share it with a close friend or relative, tell them what you are doing and believe me that you'll get surprised, that just to mention it, if it's your gift you might encounter with people that require it or want to share with you theirs.

VII. Never stop exploring and leave the door open to those gifts that want to manifest just by you taking these simple steps.

VIII. If you are interested, feel confident and prepared you can even work with your gift in a more formal way, by making a money exchange. What a better way that to be paid for what is your gift and you enjoy doing.

IX. The important thing to keep in mind is that it goes beyond you receiving money in exchange, it's about you looking at the situation from outside and realizing that you'll do it, enjoy it and be happy, even if you didn't get money. That's a FUNDAMENTAL sign.

X. Youll see that money comes by itself if you exercise your gifts with commitment and love.

XI. Always, always trust your inner voice… you can have great guidance, good parents, whatever you want. But the steps that you take most come from an inner desire and longing.

XII. Work on that dictatorship fear. DO IT, EVEN IF YOU ARE SCARED. Is going to fade, believe me. I took this advice from my sister, who after many ups and downs in her professional life, could finally found her true calling and followed it in panic and turned out to be very successful. She used to tell me that even if the fear was there, I should do it anyway, that I was going to get used and the fear was going to fade in time.

Im not going to lie to you, I still have fear, but at least I have more confidence than at the beginning, which was barely there, if not nonexistent.

Don't wait until the fear disappears to do it, while you do it, it fades. It's better no to pay attention to it.

XIII. Last, don't compare yourself. Yes, why do I say this at the end? Cause we ALL go through this, we find our gifts, but we are in constant scrutiny with ourselves! Do it with love, enjoy it and THAT'S IT.

I hope this advice and steps help you, even for starters. My service Know and find your gifts can help you. With the assistance of your spirit guides and higher self, I see and explore which of those gifts are active and how you can establish a relationship with them, exercise them or if they are already doing their job.

I'll love to read you! If you have an experience or doubts regarding your gifts, comment down below or you can find me in the webpage chat


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