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St Germain's Violet Flame Light Code

Actualizado: 25 sept 2021

St Germain's Violet Flame  Light Code

The violet flame is one of the most powerful tools at our fingertips, it is ideal for days like these in which it is necessary to transmute energy, heal and root all the light that is descending to our crown chakra and energy body, this is sometimes very overwhelming as our physical bodies need to properly adjust to this new adaptation to 5d.

Do not resist, if you feel bad, in pain, ailing. Live it with acceptance and it will be much easier, this is something that is happening to the entire collective. Wait there ;)

How to use/experience it?

In a contemplative state, observe the fractal, breathe consciously and concentrate, you can use this music ( Concentrate your gaze on the center of the code and imagine a hot flame of the color of the fractal, let your being observe the fractal, enter it. Feel how this light and flame are covering your entire being, both physical and energetic. Stay there for a long time, let its power of transmutation go everywhere and if there is any place in your body or mind where you feel it needs it the most, stay there longer.

When you feel that you are calmer (o) and relaxed, imagine how this fractal light covers the entire earth. Finally, give thanks for something that happened to you during the day and gradually come out of the contemplative state.

I hope this helps you and if it did, share! Hug!

*If you are interested in getting a fractal/personalized light code with your particular vibration to heal wounds and activate codes in your being, contact me on the chat or here


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