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St Germain's message for today

Actualizado: 25 sept 2021

St Germain's message for today

Hello Beloveds, today I would like to approach you to remind you that it is possible to enjoy rough and even hard transitions. I was a student of Sananda or better known as Jesus and it is one of the most precious teachings I have received. Just like you, I have been a man many times and I have had to go through the same process that you go through, sometimes it is confusing, the mind becomes very cloudy, the body does not know how to respond, but you are divine and you should not forget this. The fact that we are divine gives us that infinite advantage of enjoying the processes.

You have chosen this experience to enrich yourself and it is part of the agreement to forget and then remember, your higher selves are very proud of you, me too.

The earth is not a school, it is a key to the universes and that is why it is so contrasting and sometimes very difficult to understand and experience, but it is beautiful and you are beautiful.

When you get overwhelmed or confused, remember that you are not alone, this is an experience that you are deciding to live, so live it with consciousness, always get the most out of it. The pains will go away, trust. Use your love, use my gift, the violet flame.

The light has always been here, I embrace you warmly, with love, your friend St Germain.


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