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Cosmic Starseed

 Connect with your spirit guides | $810mxn (47USD)

In this reading and written channeling, through meditation, my purpose is to connect via your heart, this way I can make contact with any being or guide that wants to manifest (Angels, extraterrestrials, ancestors, elves, fairies, animals, ascended masters, among many others) I can't control the messages nor whom I see or perceive. Their manifestation will depend on whatever you may need in this present moment and the particular way they use to communicate and guide you. It Includes a Word/PDF document of approximately 3-4 pages and a chat of 35 minutes.

Spiritual Counseling

Counseling and Psychic Consultation | $530mxn (31USD)

In this service, I will offer you tools for your development and according to what you want to deepen or work on, I will do my best to help you with my psychic abilities. And whether you find yourself at a crossroads in your life, you just have a specific question or you just want to deepen your path, this service is ideal for you.


It consists of one hour call. Ask for the pricing plans.

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