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What are spirit guides and what is their job?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Majestic Divinity by NZKau

If you are interested in spirituality, you most likely have heard about this term (spirit guide), if you want to know more about it, stay, you're going to clear a lot of doubts about them.

In my personal experience I didn't know what a spirit guide was until I was 16 years old, I met what I now call my spiritual teacher (he is in physical form here on earth 😊), I wasnt familiarized with the subject and I used to thought back then, that not everyone had guides, only a selected group and from that selected group we only had one guide per each person, haha, I know a bit unreal. But it was what I thought I knew and my experience at the moment. With the passing of the years, growth, sadness and achievements, I realized that there was not such thing as “a selected group” and that everyone without exception has the help of this beings, regardless of our level of consciousness.

In that time I had the notion that this spiritual teacher intervened directly in my life, that he was superior to me (therefore, I was inferior) and that I was the only getting a benefit from it. The interesting fact was that my teacher taught all the contrary. That he was not superior to us, he made mistakes and that he grew with us. However, my need for feeling special and making my teacher responsible for my actions because he was superior and more capable than me, painted that perspective and reality in my life.

Like any Good teacher he waited patiently for me to walk my own path at my own pace and by then I decided that I wanted to be more independent in that aspect and get rid of the notion of inferiority for Good. These opened a big door for me and one night while I was sleeping, I had an experience that changed me and was very powerful to me. I was sleeping and all of the sudden 7 beings woke me up, they looked like men, but they seemed holographic, they had pastel color robes and they gave me a lot of information. They also told me that it was time for me to get to know my gift and that it was uniting people with their guides, they showed me the face of the guides in the left side and the face of the people on the right side. When they mentioned the Word uniting, I could see them becoming one (guides and people). I was not very sure of what they were telling me exactly, cause even though I knew more about the subject, I was not sure of how I was going to perform this “duty”. I got really overwhelmed and anxious. Immediately I talked to my teacher and he told me not to be scared, I was not alone and that I was protected.

After a few months with the accompaniment of this teacher, I began to perceive and listen to these guides, that the holographic men mentioned. I always could perceive things, but never these specific. Then and there my journey to hear and see guides begun, I started perceiving the guides of my Friends, family, and acquaintances. This has been a very fun task because I learned while I was performing this gift. It amazes me the variety of guides there is in the universe and the difference between them. I keep learning cause as we all know this has no end.

I had to learn to perceive my own guides and distinguish their specific jobs. Some of them I may never know and others keep silent. But I know that they are there guiding me, by my side and that we are learning from this universal journey.

Next, my “technical” explanation as a channeler to spirit guides😉:

Spirit guides are beings that dedicate themselves to serve and accompany us unconditionally and lovingly, they do not judge us and their priority is to help us to have a better quality of life here on earth and other dimensions, burn karma, evolve and expand our consciousness through the tools we know, our own knowledge and the tools and teachings they share with us.

They don't intervene directly in our lives, but as their name says, they guide us in different ways so that we choose the paths that they consider can be the best for us. We with our free will, choose whether we want to do whatever their guidance is or use our discernment to do what's better for us, in regards to what they advise.

The different guides that I've come to know and interact with, are:

  • The guides that are there since the beginning of our existence

  • The guides that are with us in multiple lifetimes

  • The ones that know you since you were in your mom's belly and will be there till you die

  • The temporary guides, they are with us for shorts periods of time. It can be years or months. This depends on what you need at the moment

  • And the guides that are ancestors or part of your soul group, what is known as your soul mates

Their “shape” can be:

  • Physical

  • Etheric/Physical (An incarnated being that moves their consciousness through dimensions)

  • Only Etheric

  • Elemental

  • Purely energetic

Their Jobs also consists in growing with us, just as we benefit from their service, they do as well from us. It's a symbiotic relationship, in which the two parts learn and grow at the same time, benefiting from each other. The general belief is that they are more advanced than us but in fact, there is a reciprocal exchange of knowledge. And we are as valuable to them, therefore, is important always to interact from a place of respect, but also fellowship and cooperation.

They know very deep aspects of ourselves that we are not aware of, but they don't know us like we can get to know ourselves. That's why is so important to have as priority self-knowledge and self-awareness, cause their jobs as guides reach a certain limit and point. And many times the way they guide us depends on our own expansion and personal achievements. If we stay very limited related to our consciousness, the guide can give us as much advice as they can, but everything is going to depend only and exclusively on us.

Later I will speak more in depth about the different types of guides there are and their multiple and infinite manifestations like physical, etheric, energetic and elementals. So that you begin to be more familiarized and even confirm if you ever have seen, feel, identified or got to know some of them.

I hope that this information can clear your doubts about spirit guides and in general what is their job. If you have any question, experience or knowledge regarding this subject, I invite you to get register in the blog and comment about it, I would be very pleased to read you!


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