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Welcome to the heart era

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Green Chakra

Hybrid being: The primigenial thought comes from the heart. This occurs when the heart sends a signal or call to the mind. How is that we can distinguish between a heart thought and an ego thought? Its very simple The easy way is connecting to the heart concentrating on the area while we breathe, imagine that you breathe and exhale from the heart, this will also help to calm the mind and thoughts. Relax and remember a thought you've been having, take this thought-form in your hands and then bring it in the area of ur chest, imagine how this thought comes, breathe deeply, and try to clear your mind... If there's a pleasant sensation comes from the heart. Other practical ways to know what comes truly from the heart: Thoughts and feelings from the heart always, always present themselves at first with childlike or teenager emotion/energy. As a very pleasant daydream, they can in time become a longing. Many times we are used to the ego and mind to control everything. Every single detail has to be “inspected”, including what comes from the heart. This immature ego would then try to tear it apart again to operate with the programs it already knows. This is a compendium of ideas and belief systems that have gathered around our existence. The ego used to be the one in control makes you believe that the heart thought is not as important as him and his array of ideas. Most of the time we allow this, but we can always go back to our center and while we do this we have to resist our immature ego…. You'll let him know that from now on he does not have control and little by little feeling our heart and its thoughts, the ego would then start to reprogram to be more mature and accept more willingly the energy from source (heart-space) so that we can accomplish our purpose. This takes practice, but the heart feels certainty and this is a Gateway that helps and allows it to be the King since certainties hold such a higher vibration. The ego will resist (as a way to protect you) of course, so it will fabricate such an illusion, that you would feel that confusion and doubtful ideas are “real” therefore, the truth becomes foggy and hard to access. In this process and while we resist the urge of the ego to fabricate our reality, is very important to wait until the mind calms, and the heart gets his time to talk and perceive. It will feel like a rollercoaster of doubts and emotions, but keep resisting. This is so important as individuals and collective since the 5th dimension is ruled by the heart (purpose/longings). We have to live and be in the heart, we should honor it since we are created from that exact space. We come from a thought of the heart. The heart creates and our minds poorly used “fabricate” This concept can be seen in different dimensions. Another effective way to connect to our heart space is by giving our passions a very important place in our lives and making them a priority in our experience. In those moments is as if as though we were children and that's a state we should all aim for when it comes to evolution in our consciousness. Also sharing these passions with others allows us to connect and Exchange knowledge. The heart perspective is very unique and respects our purpose entirely, it leads the way. It may be so opposite sometimes what the heart wants of what the ego wants. So following the heart at the beginning can feel very challenging, but once you feed this awareness and knowledge, you'll see how important it is to live life in this space and there will be no turning back because you'll be feeling content and you'll see how this will help manifest in a way that would be beneficial to you and others. Connecting through your heart should be part of your daily life nonstop and no exception, be aware of your chest, and the energy that comes out of it. Living through our heart space will be the way moving forward, so prepare the heart, it's beautiful you'll see! The heart is King!


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