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The world needs you to discover your power

Updated: Sep 26, 2021


Now in this process of quantum leap to higher dimensions. The darkness plays a quite relevant role. When one heals, there is always an energetic purge and this is precisely to accelerate the healing processes and so that we can access those doors and new opportunities more quickly.

Until a few years ago, although the collective was beginning to wake up, the healing process was more of an individual type, now is being carried out in mass and that is why they are coming to light in terms of the social refers, very dark issues that include abuse of all kinds, such as pedophilia, racism, etc ...

For thousands of years, knowledge has been maintained that is for our benefit hidden and this is so because certain groups and energies of the universe benefit from the deceptions and the darkness of our being and universe.

So now more than ever the disclosure of hidden knowledge is a very important issue. One knowledge that has been kept hidden is the power we have to heal ourselves. There have been great characters of this truth, including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Anita Moorjani, among others.

However, the mass media and the culture of fear have largely won over this dissemination of information. Now more than ever, it is important to shed the energy of disbelief and consider how beneficial our culture is when it comes to openness of conscience.

It is essential to know that, although cultures bring with them an impressive body of knowledge, also in many cases, they limit us and often leave us in a position of ignorance ... either because we follow this unconsciously or they make us follow it.

Observing from the outside what things are beneficial to our culture is an exercise that we will have to be doing very frequently, until we are able to recognize what it is that is not really good as a collective.

Globally, we also live a common culture and if we look more clearly, we see how its roots more than being light and beneficial, they are dark. Things like the importance given to the material, narcissism and how this is well seen in spheres of power and money, the consumer culture and all these factors together generate in consciousness a mechanism in which people paralyzed and concentrating their energy in such low vibrations are not able to discern and feel. They become zombies that repeat those "truths", which are actually more like stones in the way put on purpose to weaken us.

Social media, among other mechanisms that the elite use, have been essential to manufacture deep fears and for us to forget these powers and knowledge that already come with us since our birth and creation.

We have been told many times that we are a plague and we have believed it. They have led us to believe that, as a human species, we are more like useless critters. And this is a giant lie told in many ways, for us to invalidate our power. With inner power, nothing in today's culture would be possible and we would not consume the amount of products and lies that they sell us.

The consciousness of sovereignty is another very important aspect for this quantum leap. Many times in the spiritual community there is a tendency to go more on the side of false positivism, where the darkness is almost something made up. The truth is that if there is darkness and there are groups with evil intentions. However, the powerful thing about knowing all this is that there is something called sovereignty and this has also been hidden for many years, precisely for you to give up your power.

Being sovereign means that there is nothing that can hurt you unless you allow it and this translates into all aspects of our experience, whether it is in a physical way such as your health, spirit or when we are faced with our personal demons or beings and Dark ones trying to harm us.

Seriously, even if there is darkness and malicious beings, they cannot do anything to you unless you believe or allow them to do so. So nurture this awareness of sovereignty and plant those seeds of empowerment.

It is recommended that you stay away from those things that stop you from acquiring or perceiving this knowledge, such as the mass media or people close to you who all they do is complain or live in a state of alarm and fear. Fear is a poison and if it is allowed to enter our energy stream, it can affect us very deeply. Don't give it any more power.

Now the topics will have to do with your health, then race, then your gender and they will not end, they will exhaust every resource and will give many drowning kicks. That is why TODAY is the time to start and cultivate this awareness, you are sovereign and you have a lot of power.

Far from being alarmist, my purpose with this is that you consider and begin to develop a capacity for discernment and courage that will help you and prepare you for those challenges that we are going to face in the coming months and years.

Here I leave you links to check the work of those true disseminators and form your own opinion, always from a place of resonance and doing a good exercise of discernment.

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Wtih Light, Love and Strenght Dulce Valenzuela ☀️

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