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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Sananda Channeling

This is a true birth and rebirth… the event is at its climax, this may be painful, but it will bring good news and a long-awaited collective evolution in the universe. Enjoy your today and open the way to new paths, paths that were closed for a long time, paths that are full of hope. Reinforce in you that there is nothing to control, just live, enjoy and learn. Perhaps you feel full of uncertainty and a lot of confusion, this is something natural…. Do not make complicated plans ... try to see for your own good and that of others, nothing from selfishness, conformity and supposed comfort. The new era of the braves and extraordinary events has begun. Live today with awareness, always in God and yourself. Since you will jump to those timelines where happiness will be more visible and not just a concept, fear not. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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