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Neuronal Network Meditation | Arcturian Channeling

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Arcturian Neuronal Network Channeling

One afternoon, when I used to live at my parent's house. I really wanted to go outside to the garden and took a pad with me to lay down, see the sunset and the stars for later at night.

After 10 minutes of being laid down, very relaxed, I started to feel the presence of a being that I call my arcturian grandpa. This grandpa its an “old” arcturian. The first time that I felt him was in a meditation where I started to hear a voice in my head that guided me to a deeper state. What happened next was that I went out of my body and up in the sky to a ship, I could see the earth through the window and a lot of arcturian “brothers” that greeted me in a very loving and respectful manner. At that moment I saw this older arcturian, everyone respected him so much and I immediately recognized him as my grandpa. He said hi to me and welcomed me. He explained to me that he was guiding me in my mediation and that he was also a permanent guide, from thousands of lives. He had this very soft, relaxed and cool energy. When he greeted me, I would feel the same as him and my “brothers” through empathy. Everything that they felt, I could feel it too. Not very different from my life here on earth, but this time I sensed my body to be extremely light, so light, that I could barely feel it and when I saw the earth, a very pure sensation, and certainty was being born in me, everyone in that little blue bubble was my real brother and sister. And this is because through empathy I could perceive that that's how they see us, not less, but truly what we really are, universal brothers. This feeling that I remembered after a very long time filled me with light and by the time I had to say goodbye and come down from the mediation, it felt heavier and heavier. Like millions of rocks over my head. My grandpa wich was still guiding me, told me that the heavier feeling didn't come from us, the human race, it came from our thoughts and the little faith that we have in us. This creates a density. I came down from there and he made come out gradually until I was completely conscious. Immediately I talked to my physical guide here on earth. He congratulated me and told me he was happy for me. After creating this conscious connection with my arcturian grandpa, I started to feel him more often. But whenever I felt him, he always had many messages to share with everyone that might need it. This time he guided me into another meditation and told me to visualize the whole universe and look at its shape, which is just like a human brain, made up of neurons and very important energy centers like the stars or black holes. He explained to me that the universe is, in fact, an enormous brain, that works just like ours. And that to activate the neuronal connections of the universal brain, it was necessary to visualize oneself as a neuron, light and energy center from the heart. Because, although the stars and black wholes are important energy centers. WE ALSO ARE. He told me to imagine myself lighting up like a little ball of light and make myself conscious that I was a neuron, at that moment I should breathe deeply and try to project that light and connection to whatever is out there in the cosmos and imagine the synapsis with other neurons. I needed to keep in mind, being really open to whatever I was going to receive from the universe since this would make it really easy to obtain information. This technique works wonders for people that think a lot (my tendency) and people who have a hard time connecting or meditating. It is just like picking up the phone and that's it. The information that it's conscious or unconscious will come immediately through the energetic synapse that occurs. And even though you might not be aware of it, the download happens right away. While I was doing this and he guiding me, in a matter of seconds I started to have a regression to a past life. I saw a Franciscan priest at some point in the middle ages, in Europe. He was in his dead Bed and he told me in a very desperate state “Does the animal see the one who doesn't listen?” To be honest, at the moment it didn't make any sense and till today I don't know its true meaning. I was a young Franciscan abut 15 or 17 years old. It was like my whole perspective was completely idolized, to the point of being similar to people in cult documentaries. I saw frame per frame. I recognized this Franciscan dying priest as my teacher, I saw him die and in me, I felt confusion and abandonment. Many months later I had a vivid and lucid dream. In this dream I saw the same priest, I saw myself (my psychical self) and my current boyfriend. This time I was able to recognize someone from my present life. My boyfriend was one of my best friends and I remember feeling a lot of admiration and appreciation for each other. We were at a very humble cottage house in the country with other Franciscan priests and we sang together. I wanted to write this meditation because is meant to be shared according to our arcturian grandpa (if you'll like to see it that way hehe ). This meditation reminds us that to obtain insights, it's not necessary to make a complicated ritual or being stressed out for not being able to relax or thinking too much. It as though this capacity has been always inside us and the only thing to remember is that the same as antennas, sometimes the only thing to do its a little maintenance. In this case, lighting up like a little light. If you want to try it out, tell me about it. I'll be delighted to read you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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