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Multidimensional Connections: What are they? How can they help me? How can I experience them?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Each and every one of us in the multiple universes, we are beings with a multidimensional nature, this means that we have the capacity even if we are not aware of it, to move through the dimensions, time and space. This happens thanks to consciousness because we all come from source energy and we become fragments, we all, in reality, have this inherent power within us and therefore we can connect with the micro and macro cosmos. All this is a very complex fractalization that makes us perceive “separation”.

Vidas pasadas

A Good example of this multidimensionality is the concept of past lives, we know that there are many cases of people that in a hypnotic state or vivid and lucid dream are capable to remember lives that happened in the past. A very interesting phenomenon happens here and is that depending on the state of consciousness we can perceive this experience as something that happened in the past, when in fact this “memory” is been seeing and happening at that exact same moment. When you are capable to open the door, or the door opens itself, this is an opportunity to heal and means that this “memory” it's manifesting because in your present experience is necessary for you to connect to that aspect or fractal that seems separated from you, to gain knowledge and resolution. Healing Works this way, an example is a healing work with the inner child, this is not just an imaginary concept, it means that at the moment of making the connection with your inner child, you connect directly with the events happening in your childhood and at the time the healing happens, the past changes. So your child and adult self come together to experience healing parallelly. When we heal, we not only heal the present and the past stays static, but in fact, the past is capable to modify thanks to this multidimensional malleability. Therefore, the power to connect with this multidimensionality in a conscious way, it's a very powerful tool for personal and collective work. This brings a new aperture to many possibilities and lets us know ourselves beyond our personalities so that we can observe and experience in the grand scheme of things, who we truly are, and what we came for. These connections are literally everywhere and many times thanks to our disbelief we close the doors to them and we don't let ourselves explore that side that can provide very UNIQUE ways to experience life. They can be from past and future lives, beings that are open to Exchange knowledge and have fun, guides that makes us company in our processes, cosmic family (meaning, beings from other planets and realms who we lived lives with us and can help us) as well as parallel incarnations, higher selfs and quantic selfs. These connections are infinite but only for explaining porpuses I mentioned only those few ones. All of this can be very difficult to comprehend to our busy minds and its almost impossible to integrate it if we tend to process information in an intellectual way, its important to keep in mind that to make multidimensional connections, they need to be made in a purer way, more like playing and exploring, less putting the focus in trying to understand it conceptually. The easiest way its playing and ill repeat it as much as I can, the playful and curiosity energy are the ones that opens mosts doors, so play, be like a child and explore. If you are one of those people that tends to be a dreamer and remembers dreams or you have vivid and lucid dreams, you can ask the universe, source energy or God to open the doors for you, cause you want to play and are ready for it.

This can be done as many nights as you like, you can do a guided meditation or listen to relaxing music for the occasion. You'll see that if your willing you'll find many different ways to connect to these aspects of yourself, learn and heal together. If you already experienced this type of connections, ill be happy to hear you or if you are in the process of, I can help you to find these connections throughout the universe, so that they can be helpful in your personal healing or inner work. If you have any doubt about this topic or my work, don't hesitate to write to me. At your service, Dulce. You can find me in the webpage chat or these platforms: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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