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Greatness | Pleiadian Sister Channeling

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Greatness Pleiadian sister
Cosmic transformation by Ellysiumn

What is greatness? The greatness of the soul, of love Why is that no one sees their greatness now? You will soon Not just one, or two or three, everyone will see it EVERYONE Oh, the greatness of humanity So beautiful Such a big key The door is open, how fun So important to take this in our hearts What a joy to see you The darkness knows itself, it dissipates, remember that time is not only lineal, it is also a momentary perception If we can perceive eternity, there's no way to forget the greatness that stems from our hearts How dear are we So fortunate An opportunity to jump and play Such a life we all have How blessed our universe is So blessed, the creatures of eternal vibration Great, nothing more, deep greatness Take your heart in your hands, feel it beat if it jumps, you jump, if it cries, cry together The key to the universe The keys to love Latent stars full of love, full of happiness Latent light My love to you, brothers and friends… *The channeled being is a Pleiadian “female”, comes from a Pleiadian group, her quality is having a loto f fun. Has very strong energy, feels kinda demanding, although she's not, you could say its determinant. Fun fact, she's very, very tall, dark hair, almost black, very pale, she has dark circles in her eyes and a very big head. I always perceive her dressed in a very simple tunic that changes colors depending on the mood and situation. She's very energetic, but above all, loving and playful. She enjoys learning other languages and she brags about how well she knows Spanish… she even communicates wit colloquial words. She's very clever and her presence is always very evident. She manifested this time wanting to give a message from her playful quality… a reminder that life is not as serious as we make it. I don't know her name, but the important thing to keep in mind is that she considers herself the sister of every being. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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