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Updated: Sep 27, 2021


Today I would like to focus on discernment, at times like these, it is a fundamental tool, there is a lot of media bombardment and countless opinions. It is natural obviously to feel confused and not be quite sure of what is going on, or even what we feel. Now with events such as the coronavirus, there is the opportunity to discover in ourselves and the collective those key aspects to work on and unfortunately, this tool is not something that is taught properly when growing up, normally everything we consider "good or bad" is loaded with a socio-cultural, socio-economic or religious context. Therefore, our opinions, as well as our way of thinking, most of the time more than founded on the truth, they are based on the distortion of our particular contexts. Discernment is ESSENTIAL and its exercise is something that should be an active part of our lives. And with much more reason if you consider yourself a lightworker, this is something you have to prioritize.

Discernment in yoga is that “ability to distinguish between the Real (Sat) and the unreal (asat), the Eternal (Nitya) and the transitory (anitya), the I (Atman) and the not-me (anatman), destroys ignorance and leads to liberation ”Calderón Ruiz, Javier (2018). Clarify your doubts: What is discernment? Yoga Enredcom

In what way can you discern?

It is IDEAL, that you do an exercise of cold observation, that is so that... you are able to observe without getting involved, try to do it as if you were watching a movie.

When doing this observation exercise, realize how things, situations, or actions distort your reality.

A very simple way of being able to realize what distorts your reality are bodily sensations and emotions with which you tend to get hooked. For example, when something suddenly causes you a feeling of fear, disgust, anger, annoyance or confusion ... It is nothing else other than that there is something that in your present moment is exponentiating that feeling and it can be both an individual trauma or a collective one.

These situations that distort your reality do not allow you to be able to trust your discernment, that capacity is already in us, however, both the different stimuli and traumas cloud it.

Small steps and habits make a big difference. Today, for example, try to observe what is causing you anxiety or discomfort in general, write it down in a notebook and try to get to the root.

You have to take into account that today we are PUMPED with stimuli and therefore reducing those stimuli helps to make a deeper and clearer observation, with less interference, so to speak.

Discernment is crucial, EVERYDAY, but NOW there is an opportunity for acceleration in terms of inner and collective growth, and today more than ever, developing this tool or rather finding it is really important.

Do an exercise, after having reduced, stimuli and make observations. Anything that comes to mind can be from your personal life. Ask yourself, is this good or beneficial for me? Or is it perhaps something that hurts me or doesn't add anything to my life? Simple questions like that. Don't get stuck. Take a deep breath first. Write down the answers. The answer you write down must be followed by a change. A problem must be turned into a project to improve. So if your answer is no, it doesn't do me any good. Reflect on what measures can benefit you and help improve that aspect.

Having confidence in ourselves plays another crucial role to discern, someone who is very insecure will always have difficulties because they will adhere to extremes. Someone sure of himself and without fear has enough openness to receive information and the ability to discern it. So don't be afraid. And if you perceive it, remember that fear has never carried truth. ALL THE CONTRARY.

These are simple exercises, but they are a way to start working on discernment, if you open your heart and are open, it is even easier and more effective.


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