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Avalon: The Kingdom of the Heart | Channeling

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

***The channeled being Identifies as an Avalon ambassador and communicated this.

Hope you enjoy it.

It's surrounded by green, shiny as the one who lights it up, a powerful force, animals, beings.

Exists between dimensions ad universes, it's etheric. It's not in a specific place, but there are portals, hundreds of them in the world that lead to this kingdom.

The direct portals are physical, they can be doors, caves, mountains, rivers, even objects.

Everyone can access to these portals through meditation and certain totems that are in the collective unconscious.

Meditate and contemplate the color green and jewels with this tonality while you have Avalon in your mind, this will help you to transport there.

Avalon, just like Atlantis has its teachers and important characters. Priests, witches, druids, fairies, unicorns, lions, rivers, and trees. All famous, among them, you'll find Merlin, King Arthur, Brigit, Aslan (That's right, many famous “fairy tale” characters, are in fact beings that manifest through many writers)

I am an ambassador, I carry the messages of these teachers and facilitate the information to everyone that wants to spread it.

A propagator of light and knowledge, a Messenger.

(He manifests dressed in green velvet and gold, a very simple Crown with gold leaves and a flout)

You wanna know about Avalon?

Avalon is the heart, (He shows me a red heart with a key entry)

This heart opens with the key to freedom, everyone who is truly free can open its doors and access not only ethereally, but also to his eternal and abundant knowledge.

The importance of being free does not limit itself to Avalon, freedom opens many doors through the dimensions.

Avalon is represented as the heart, cause it reminds us of the novelty and kindness of the human and universal heart.

The Universal heart is the one that gives love to all, it has its particular properties, different from other places and etheric entities.

Avalon has always played a fundamental role in the growth of the human heart and psyche as a collective, because, even though humans don't know, they share a heart and this is tightly connected to Avalon.

Avalon is the cradle of what you know as fantasy, but not the one who comes from insanity, but the one that comes from the freedom of knowledge without the limitations of the mind, of all that exists beyond what the eyes can see.

This “fantasy” has fed the hearts of many. When someone loves the fantasy related to Avalon their hearts become full of joy, curiosity, and they then desire to play like little kids.

All of this is made with a purpose. This Word, fantasy, belittles the true importance…. Of the real freedom and what Avalon means to the human world, this and other universes.

How can something so beautiful, be called fantasy? Something that comes from real love and the freedom to love others as oneself?

There was a time in which there where no limitations and humans opened enough their hearts and believed, they believed in humanity, they believed in their human heart. But their hearts clouded, it was something that came with their experience and so, everything that was related to love, freedom, and openness meant insanity, hence our kingdom was baptized as the kingdom of fantasy.

Fantasy its not from this kingdom, comes from the kingdom of the mind. That's where the true fantasies come. An elf is more real than many mental fantasies.

It's important to clarify this so that you can open your arms to Avalon and what it can offer to you so that you don't see it as something surreal or invented. It's real, just as much as it is your love and heart.

If you want to connect to Avalon, go to the woods or seat under a tree, if you don't have trees close and you wish to do it, imagine yourself under a tree, you have access to all. Imagine a Golden door that shines and visualize how this door is calling you and has life and consciousness of its own and knows that her work is opening to you if you wish.

Great her with respect, like the greeting you would see in “fairytales”

Breathe deeply many times, relax your body, and put aside any thought. Visualize that beside you there's a box and see how you take out of your mind all these thoughts to be in that box.

The door will open when you feel your ready, even just some seconds of freedom and playful energy will do the trick.

Do this as many times as its necessary and don't give up, cause one day, I promise you that this door will open.

You'll always have to remember that Avalon being the kingdom of the heart, you'll have to learn to reign yours and there you'll exchange knowledge. I cannot tell you more about Avalon, cause Avalon is a place that we should experience directly…. From our inner world, it's not something that can be told or described. This reing will disclose the different knowledge and secrets of each person. Avalon is a teacher, a conglomerate of energies that act almost perfectly. You just have to believe and learn to be free at heart.

FREEDOM AND BELIEVE. I'll go for now, but ill be back and as an ambassador, if you ever need to ask me something, ill be there and other ambassadors to help you. See ya. (Through meditation, while you this you can say this: “I ask to the ambassadors of The kingdom o heart Avalon, to guide me and help me answer some questions, I ask my angel or spirit guide to let me have this contact if its the best for me”) Love and peace. *If you tried this exercise, comment and share your experience about this beautiful and mysterious kingdom. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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