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Ancestors as a priority in our inner development and the collective consciousness

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

We already know that our ancestors play a very important role in our spiritual path, but now more than ever, are a priority. Yes, besides them being our guides, they are the ones that are conscious of their gifts and karma. These two we share with them, you chose to come here in specific circumstances, even choosing the lineage that can give you in this specific experience the needed knowledge that you're seeking. At the same time, while you live that, you also help them with their growth and this is where a symbiotic process occurs, we can witness it and feel it in all the universe.

All your lineage shares with you characteristics that distinguish it from other lineages, this doesn't mean that some lineages are better than others, it only means different experiences.

Some of these lineages are of healers, erudite, teachers and others we haven't been able to explore or get to know. Karma “Good” and “bad” are worked through your lineage, you and every generation. There are some that in these generational line experience working with this karma in a more profound way, although the purpose of al lof us is to heal it and get to know as much as we can what our lineage can offer.

Ancestors can be from this earth or out of, like stellar lineages and other dimensions. But the human lineage is extremely important, connecting with your ancestors who belong in this experience, accelerates exponentially your inner development, healing and better yet, it catalyzes the collective awakening.

It is as though every lineage poses a key, one that is composed of very powerful energy and at the same time being part of a keyset that will open different portals in the universe, which are of extreme importance for cosmic consciousness.

From personal experience, only when I started to work on my maternal karma and began to connect with this lineage which is very important, the most crucial doors in my inner path opened.

While I was connecting with my grandmother, I discovered a line of healers, teachers, and companionship. A line of intuitive women, that their “bad karma” derived from being rejected for who they truly where, sensitive, loving and faithful. This causing different disorders and a lot of suffering.

I opened the doors to heal my maternal karma, and when I did that, I was capable of seeing the good and the things that were kept in the dark. When I saw this, I felt that my grandma was guiding me, along with my other ancestors that have shared a similar path to mine and that transcended in order for them to accompany us in the best way possible, even with the difficulties of living in this dimension, space and time.

If more lineages make their keys, jewels, and dark side conscious, this will lead to a very potent energetic shift and although as humans tend to underestimate us, we forget that the earth and the human collective are fundamental to discover new paths in all the cosmic and universal journey.

Now its been a while since I've been observing and witnessed through the people that have worked with me, how their ancestors manifest and make themselves seeing with very powerful messages and with an energetic work that's unimaginable.

Sometimes in the “cosmic circle”, people tend to forget how valuable it is to be human and the importance of human energy and archetype.

To keep going as a more enlightened collective, the ancestors are the ones that do and will do the hard work, they anchor here on earth all the cosmic energy and are conscious of their own knowledge, their keys. They extracted knowledge from this human experience, guide us and know better than anyone what we are going through. We grow together and are capable of guiding us to heal and resolve those issues that they left unsolved due to the different circumstances that they lived here.

Ancestors I believe are way more powerful than we give them credit for. Now at the beginning of a new consciousness, our ancestors will be with us till the end and it'll be worth it after all.

The most immediate and potent way to connect with them is through healing our own wounds and whether you go to psychological therapy or do your own healing work, it's important for you to observe and be open to where do these wounds come from. Our mothers inherited us practically everything, so its key to observe our mothers, without judgment, acceptance, love and be aware of those beneficial and prejudicial patterns. If it is possible, you can ask your family the things that are not clear and maybe create a journal to write your insights. There are many healing modalities so that you can discover your lineage, but I recommend you to open your heart and intuition and put the attention in connecting with them and let them guide you to the best way to discover your lineage. I myself started from that point and I let my heart be my compass.

And like I've said before if there's something that doesn't resonate with you and makes you feel uncomfortable, is a good idea to take a step back to evaluate the whys and if its necessary look for other ways to do it.

In any case, this work will come of its own with the different ways that exist for each and every one of us, the important thing is to be open to healing and what that entails, since its hard work, many times very difficult, but definitively gratifying.

Today is the day, don't doubt, your ancestors are with you.


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