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About Abundance | Pleiadian Channeling

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

This being is a Pleiadian guide that I started to perceive some years ago, this is the guide that I sense with me constantly consciously. Before that, my first contact experiences with alien beings began with the Arcturians and I've Heard about Pleiadians at the time, but I haven't had the pleasure to make contact with them directly. Until one day performing a channeling for my sister, I perceived a Pleiadian group of beings and to my surprise, they had a way to communicate very differently from what I've read and heard from other contactees. They had this super strong energy and the way they thought was very vehement and somewhat demanding, loving, yes, but “harsher” than what I expected. At least this specific group manifests itself that way and the guide with whom I have constant contact, it's part of that group and that “demanding” way to teach. Now that years have passed, his way of teaching me has softened, but still is vehement and I have to say that this way of teaching has helped me a lot to learn and listen since I have a very rebel “nature”. Haha, with this guide and even with his way of teaching I've had the right to ignore his pieces of advice hahaha, but of course I've put attention and do the majority of the things that his taught me, with the necessary patience, I apply whatever it needs to be done for me to grow. He's never been a big verbal communicator, until this last year. Today while I was reflecting on abundance I started to felt him and the channeling began, this is because for him is important to share this message with the ones that find this message. Heres the channeling.

About abundance Today im going to talk to you about abundance and the obstacles that don't allow its fluidity. 1.Obstacle- Obsessive thoughts. This prevents the flow of energy and inspiration.

2.Obstacle- Little patience (Everything comes at the right time). 3.Obstacle- Being intolerant towards some or every aspect of life, mainly the intolerance towards oneself. 4.Obstacle- Laziness. This goes hand in hand with the previous obstacle, but its important to ignore laziness and do the things that seem heavy even with the heaviness of laziness and until it gets to be a habit and laziness starts to disappear. You should never hear the voice of laziness. 5.Obstacle- Not being open to other manifestations of abundance and only focus it on the money. Abundance is everywhere, even in the most unexpected places. 6.Obstacle- Lack of conviction in the things that we love and we are passionate about and feed our hearts. 7.Obstacle- Being used to direct our inner force into prejudicial beliefs and self-deception. The recipe to work this is observation and acceptance. The next step is ignoring the voice of those beliefs and self-deceptions until they fade completely (this requires a lot of effort, but it is one of the many ways to achieve it) These seven blocks or obstacles are part of what you call RESISTANCE. As a piece of advice: Act, imagine yourself with acceptance, patience, and tolerance. Do it as if you where a Hollywood actor in a movie, try one day this act and channel those energies that you want to learn, later it is going to be easier to integrate (this is an easy way to channel all those energies without involving the intellect too much) Finally, pay attention to what your passionate about and do it, even if it is little by little. See you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you'll like to make contact with your guides and cosmic consciousness, don't hesitate and check my webpage and the services that I provide

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