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What is cosmic mediumship?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Cosmic Alien Mediumship
The Passage to Blue by ArthurBlue

Maybe you haven't heard about this term, neither did I, until recently. Gigi Young, someone who I admire, follow and has been a fundamental part in my process as a psychic, describes cosmic mediumship as the ability in which the perception is based more on lunar clairs and the skill to communicate with other planes that are out of the earth plane, as well as beings that do not have an earth-based experience, like extraterrestrials. This is exclusively related to cosmos and cosmic awareness.

She divides the psychic senses, the famous clairs, in two, the solar clairs and the lunar clairs. She explains that the solar clairs are the ones like clairvoyance amongst others, that are more verifiable and also more earth-based. On the other hand, lunar clairs, are the ones that their nature is very subtle and almost imperceptible and most of the times are difficult to verify. Empathy and claircognizance enter this category.

An empath, for example, feels what others feel like theirs, so intensely that sometimes it goes unnoticed, cause it feels so personal. If for example, this empath has suffered a very bad depression but no longer has it and goes to have dinner with a friend that does and maybe doesn't express it, the empath would feel as if they would have the same depression again, its very confusing and most of the time goes unnoticed since it plays with their own emotions, in fact is not their depression, at least not at that exact moment.

Cosmic mediumship is based on the lunar clairs and therefore requires a different kind of work to download and translate the messages, given its subtle nature.

A cosmic medium differentiates from a deceased relative medium, in that both do a different effort and job to be able to communicate the messages. For a cosmic medium is important to give messages that are grounded and applicable to earth and also make them understandable. This is because if an extraterrestrial being desires to communicate, his references most of the time have anything to do with earth, meanwhile a deceased loved one can communicate more clearly the message, because their consciousness is based on a known and shared reality, like earth.

Something similar would happen if, for example, a Mexican medium needs to deliver a message from a deceased Japanese, the translation and downloading of the messages would require a different type of effort, rather than if a Mexican communicates a message from another Mexican.

For a cosmic medium, it comes easier to perceive this type of alien planes. I for example, although I can communicate with deceased loved ones, I need an extra amount of energy and a lot of the times when I make a Reading of this type I end up feeling very tired. However, since it comes naturally to me perform cosmic mediumship, this rather than make me feel worn out, it, in fact, gives me energy. In the end, it all depends on each person and of how much you can open your awareness and new ways of perception.

But it is important to know that in the world of mediumship there are many different ways of perceiving, feeling, hear and see.

In my case clairvoyance is one of my main ways of perceiving, but when I have to talk to an extraterrestrial, many times my consciousness based on earth requires an extra push to translate a completely different “language” and put the puzzle together into one coherent message. This task is very gratifying for me and the best of all, really fun.

If you have thought about talking to an alien guide, consider yourself a “Starseed”, have had extraterrestrial contact experiences or you are interested in getting to know more about yourself in this cosmic context, I can help you translate the messages of these particular planes, this is my gift and forte and I will be delighted to work with you.


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