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What Galactic Commands and the Great White Brotherhood really are

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

What Galactic Commands and the Great White Brotherhood really are

This has been written with the help of my higher self:

I remember that not a long time ago, I downloaded information through a lucid dream and a being would explain to me exactly how this type of alliances work. And so it happens that when someone acts as a channel, our ego, personal filter, and culture influence this in a very inevitable way. The channeled information is completely intervened by these factors. The best way to take what is in a channeling is simply through the energy and with what resonates, leaving what's not useful and as a channeler be open to change our beliefs, perspectives and being in constant inner growth, that's the best we can do.

In different times and eras, everything changes. The world and their collective consciousness are in an evolutive process, we are ascending and this means that we naturally have to break with old paradigms and open new doors, ways of explaining and new knowledge.

There's something that's very important to explain and it is that when we connect to lower or high dimensional planes, what we see with our third eye or what we perceive it's not exactly literal. It's like when we dream, the energies, and the beings communicate with us through our own unique and human language, with what we have in our consciousness, what we know.

The information couldn't be downloaded if it wasn't for this aspect in particular, the images that we see of ascended masters, are most of the time a representation of energy, knowledge, and meaning that they want to convey.

Galactic commands many times have been described as true Hollywood movie, there's a mothership, many beings gathered together, they ask for help from other beings, every one of them work in a round table, they fulfill missions, there are galactic commanders and hierarchy. Yes, of course, there are cases in which many contact experiences are very physical and literal, but most of the time this Exchange is through our own consciousness.

They manifest in a symbolic manner and choose the ways that they want to represent their message, therefore we should not be fooled into believing that there are round tables. Although there has been in some cases in the course of universal history, many times these visions are more rooted in fantasy and falling into this trap would only cause their real message to be diluted and eventually get lost.

For example, a “command” its nothing more than an energetic union for the universal common good, various beings put their energies and love to our service and in a selfless way, there is also a “search” that consists in a calling from the heart, so that others beings unite and help in the task and enrich their own experiences.

The Great White brotherhood Works in a similar way and all the many different commands that exist. Some have “their own rules” or “hierarchy” in reality what happens is that there are other groups of beings (commands) that are from other extraterrestrial races or have other energetic nature. The ones who are from the light, work to assist and help, no matter what.

The important thing to highlight is what they want to communicate to us through their messages, which are always about love, union and focusing on our personal development, rather than “wars”…

If we fall into the Hollywood rhetoric and in the half done and extremely influenced by culture or ego translations, the problem is that we begin to move from a place of separation and fear and this does not help anyone, us and them.

***Practical Tips:

1. If a channeling is based on fear and duality, is better to not pay attention to it.

2. If a message it's very heavy on fear but comes adorned with “positivity” the first thing that is going to happen, is that your body is going to feel tense. When a message comes from a source of love and the messenger makes their best effort to translate the information, the sensation would be tranquility and a relaxed body. (All these signs many times go unnoticed, but it's important to pay attention).

3. If the rhetoric of the message it's centered in a group of “special” people, its another sign to walk away.

4. A sign to approach is union, realization, focus on the inside and personal journey, rather than problems and anguishes of the world. This is because many times if we are not focused and we haven't been made our darkness and capacities conscious, the first thing we do its project, therefore, this becomes a distraction.

5. There are no Heriarchys! They are rather ways to explain. The Great White Brotherhood as a group of beings doesn't think or feel superior to us, all the contrary, they are by our side and we should allow this type of encounter in our paths. Think about it, If you think Jesus is superior to you, He's not going to be able to teach you beyond the belief of superiority and inferiority.

Yes, Jesus and other masters are very high dimensional beings, but this doesn't mean that they stopped growing and that they are genuinely interested in approaching us without that status in particular.

Let's see this “hierarchy” as an explanation and nothing more.

6. We all have something valuable to add, so stay with what resonates and what you can comprehend, if there are parts of the message that resonate truly, you're not going to need to processes it intellectually, the message would enter you're being from the subconscious. And if there's something that you do not comprehend completely, leave it there and give it time to process on its own.

If there's no resonance, leave it and go.

Last, but not least, keep yourself open, inner and collective work need aperture and this means that what we thought yesterday, maybe would change tomorrow, its part of the expansion, if we close ourselves in a system of beliefs and dogma, nothing happens, everything becomes very limiting and the objective of growth its that is infinite. Infinite growth requires us to rid ourselves of everything.

I truly hope this has been helpful and practical to you 😉 if you like channelings or you are a channeler, I would love to know what you think!


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