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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Subatomic Testing by ICFrac

I'm very happy and pleased to be sharing with you this space. I hope that this blog can be helpful to you and that you can clear doubts that you might have related to your path. Many times we believe that true knowledge can only be found in books, gurus, teachers. And yes while this is also true and this are amazing sources of knowledge, there's nothing compared to the knowledge that is already within us and you. The one that comes directly from source energy or what a lot of us call God(Goddess). To be aware and conscious of this knowledge, we have to build a solid ground of trust and love to ourselves. And please let's forget about the label of perfectionism, the knowledge it's in us and the only thing that we can do is to Dig Deep and face the Good, the bad and the ugly of our own and unique human condition. I would like to share in this space the knowledge that I've made conscious and that might be serviceable. In this work and tool that I'm borrowing for now to assist others, I've been having interactions with beings, people, dimensions and energy that goes beyond the intellectual and logic reasoning and I would love to be a little light that can shed some clarity to this esoterical, dimensional and somewhat difficult to understand topics. This I have to clarify, as my favorite medium Carmen de Sayve would say “ I don't hold the absolute truth” but I feel that my testimony and experience can be beneficial to you. Thank you for being here <3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you resonated with these and you'll like to make direct contact with your spirit guides and know more about your cosmic and multidimensional connections, I can help you. Please do not hesitate and check out my webpage and if you want to contact me you can write here or in the chat :

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