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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Alex Grey

Today ill embrace uncertainty with love, cause I feel very deeply the certainty of our greatness, even if there's chaos, resist! All of this comes with very positive results, don't be centered on the tragedy, don't be a ruminator. Concentrate on the eternal, let everything shine, and remember how fear and mental overload make everything appear foggy. Don't let external sources stop you, NEVER!

We all are very confused and whether it is exterior or something very deep within us, everything has their place. However, respecting chaos and being aware of the darkness in this universe does not mean that you have to embrace it, no.

I believe that we've been programmed for thousands of years and we've forgotten the power that we possess, OUR GREATNESS. How many times have you heard this horrible phrase, saying that we are parasites? NEVER BELIEVE THIS! This has never been true and it will never be, don't be fooled. We've been very influenced, we need to be merciful with us. Don't be stubborn and keep choosing to suffer.

Why checking the news again and again? Why hearing the fear and madness of others? I've been there multiple times and ill tell you something, to me that was a reality, one that made me mad. Took me a lot of falls to realize that I could no longer be influenced by the dark and negativity...exterior and interior.

Today I want to remind you that you can jump this step. I had to fall and learn for many years so that I could follow my truth, today there's a lot of changes, everything it's very accelerated, don't hear outside and if inside your voices are controlling and fearful, don't pay attention to them. Listen to what brings you calmness. Yes maybe it can go against what you learned, but no one came here to follow NO ONE. WE COME HERE TO REMEMBER AND FIND OUR TRUTH.

Don't be stubborn, your growth now is more important than ever and it's almost mandatory to HEAR.... to open your eyes and grow. Accelerate! jump to those timelines where YOU'RE GONNA BE HAPPY AND NO ONE WILL HURT AND HAVE POWER OVER YOU, MY DEAR FRIEND OF LIGHT, YOU ARE UNTOUCHABLE! That stubbornness is not yours, it's learned, we humans have everything to reach and remember our power and ill not give up until you find even the smallest crack where there's truth. HONOR THE TRUTH. Take my hand and let's go together to that place in our heart, the one we call home.

With Love, Suryadevi


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