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Types Of Spirit Guides

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

In the last entry of the blog, I mentioned the different types of spirit guides that are known to me in general and their manifestations. This time I'll like you to familiarize even more and identify if you ever have had contact or percieved one of them and if your soul resonates with a definition in particular.

Everything I write here is made with the intention to explain more in detail, nonetheless, I'm sure there are many other manifestations that I'm not aware of (“I'm not the holder of the absolute truth” Carmen de Sayve). And that traductions are just that. They do not exceed the personal experience, therefore, don't worry if you don't resonate with any of the definitions, it can be that you have a knowledge that others don't.

In the last few years I've been able to hear, see, feel and perceive many different types of spirit guides. All of them have their own particularities and different kinds of knowledge that they have to share with us. Many of them live very far away, so far that we wouldn't be able to measure the distance. Some of them have burned karma like us, others live in different planes of consciousness and move along with us in the same dimensions, many walk with us hand in hand. But all, with no exception, are in the road of expansion and growth.

· The beings and guides that manifest in physical form, are the famous gurus and teachers of the terrestrial plane, as well as parallel incarnations that live in psychical forms in other worlds, galaxies, and even universes.

These physical manifestations are not limited to the third dimension, many of them can also be from higher realms. They have what is known to be a psychical body and a material perspective of their world and ours. This means that they live a particular psychical experience and what that means to their growth and to those who they assist.

· Etheric/physical: (An incarnated being that moves consciousness in between dimensions) they can be beings that have a “body” and not necessarily from the third dimension. There are beings that have a psychical body, but their consciousness it's way more developed, therefore, they do not only experiment one dimension, but they also experiment many and move through them. These beings are highly evolved and have total consciousness of their experiences in different dimensions. Many teachers and gurus of this plane enter in this category.

· Only Etheric: This means that their “body” its exclusively etheric. These beings are perceived as very subtle. In fact, they are so subtle that many times they go unnoticed, even for the most experienced psychics. They manifest very precisely and particularly. You have to be very alert to their presence, generally its more common to interact with them in dreams and astral experiences.

· Elemental: The guides and beings that are in the elemental plane are one with the elements of fire, air, water, and earth. They manifest in this manner. I remember in one channeling I did, a guide would manifest as air and would tell me that in fact was part of the air and her student had air characteristics in her soul that connected them both deeply. Many people feel connected to the sea or water, it's very likely that these people have guides that are part of this dimension and that they are WATER.

· Purely energetic: These beings are perceived as energy, light and tingling sensations. Everything in this universe is energy, but there are beings that master it and therefore, manifest in this way. When there's an energetic light being that wants to be perceived, you get goosebumps, but in a good way, the emotions that go through are positive instead of frightening. One thing that you can do to perceive them its to go outside at night in the dark and after a few hours you'll see Little bubbles of light, these lights are light beings, energetic beings. They look like stars, but they are not 😉.

I hope this information can be useful to you and if you have any doubt, please write in the comment section below. If you already have connected with any of these beings ill be delighted to read your experience. And also if you are interested to know if you have a guide with these characteristics go to the contact here:


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