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The War for your Truth

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Fire flower

There's a war, the war FOR YOUR TRUTH Who are you? Have you ever asked yourself this deeply? And if you have.... you let it scape? Perhaps you got distracted with the fog of your thoughts? What was that stopped you?

You are not here by chance The concept of light warrior didn't have much meaning to me, its sounded egotic and too pompous, but not today, today has another whole meaning, one that goes beyond words Even if you don't see it, YOU... YES, YOU are also a warrior... I feel it in my guts. And if I'm sincere I'm not afraid to fight the war for my truth, it overwhelms me.... yes, but I'm not afraid. A long time has past to be finally capable of sharing with you what comes from the depths of my soul What truth? None other than the one that comes from my heart, don't be ashamed to find yours, dot let anyone make you believe the contrary, no one posses your truth. And if there's someone that believes to be the owner of that truth... then is just a leech Discern, reflect. Have you ever given a chance to this truth, to go beyond the surface? Are you fearful? Don't be afraid, I say this truly, we all have fear, even the greatest. My mentor says: venture with fear and all. Now there are new adjustments at a soul and heart level Everything "seems" to vibrate in a confusing way, but in reality, its just ONE BIG ADJUSTMENT Today with fear and all, see who you are, what is that you are doing here, do the necessary pauses for your being in order to remember what is that you chose to learn while being here, try to find it... Don't let FALSE beliefs win over reflection Look, take, ill lend you strength, fire, and vehemence Don't look outside, don't fall for false promises, be brave and a true warrior, to ONLY HEAR YOURSELF AND YOUR HEART Soon, we're gonna find ourselves


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