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Thank You, Juan

The other side

I didn't see you too many times in my life, but I got to know you in a very unconventional way, a way that helped me tremendously at that moment. Today thinking and thanking all my blessings in the last few years, you were the first who came into my mind. I would have loved to know you more in person, but the circumstances happened differently and if im honest with you… I feel SO grateful for everything that youve done for me. Before getting to know the real you, I was having not too long ago, very exciting, but overwhelming experiences. My sister and I began to experience events out of this world (stronger than before) and as you can imagine, it wasn't easy. We both grew up with the stigma of being crazy and that what we felt was a fantasy, therefore, when we began living this phase in our lives, our fears became stronger than ever. I know that you lived something similar with your perception and that despite everything, you had a profound sensitivity to a world invisible to others. Another person wich I owe everything it's my guide and spiritual mentor, I never was someone to write him regularly, to ask stuff, we always worked in dreams. But this time I needed to go to him to know that I was not going crazy. He calmed me down and confirmed that everything was okay, that I was loved and protected. After that, the experiences were more subtle. All this happening in the middle of an existential and emotional crisis, not knowing how to find myself neither in my house or my life, we received the news of your passing and even though we didn't have a close relationship, I felt really sad and identified, because I was going through a moment in which I didn't know what to do myself.. to stay or go. When you finally found me with that very characteristic overwhelming force of yours, I didn't know what to do, I already had been practicing my intuition, but never in this formal, serious and very responsible way. Thanks to you, I had to take the jump, well, you pushed me! After your visit, everything started to fall into place for me, I began to perceive more clearly and you gave me the confidence that for years I wasn't able to find in myself. Since then, I call you my godfather. I wish for people to know and remember that our lives are as valuable, even on the other side. And that even though this is only my truth, you have meant to me, so much, you where that fundamental key for me that helped me find who I am as a person and in my profession… and for that, precisely today, I remember you with love and I keep wishing you and the ones who loved you in this life a journey of deep healing. Thank you forever.

With love and respect, to my multidimensional godfather, Juan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This letter it's inspired in the gratefulness I have for a being that not only started me in the path as a psychic and medium, but also gifted me a big lesson: WE ALL have great things to share and give to others and the world, as imperfect as we think we are. What are you grateful for? Did you know that you can find in yourself an infinite amount of possibilities and that the road of transcendence never ends?


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