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Telekinetic Healing | Venusian Being

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Venusian Healing

***Disclaimer: This healing does not replace medical treatment, if you suffer from a lot of pain and haven't consulted a doctor, please get in contact with one. This healing is just a complement.

This a channeling… the channeled being is a being from Venus, it teaches among many things, to heal through the power of telekinesis.

Telekinesis is commonly known as the power of the mind to move things. This healing uses the same principle but moving the energy with the power of visualization for porpuses of self-healing.

This beautiful, playful and cosmic being was with me for months in my dreams, teaching me. Later I stopped feeling him and someday when I had a lot of pain for “my” colitis back then, I started to perceive him and his presence was so strong that he guided me through this healing. I don't remember all of the dreams, but this healing its made with what he taught me during that time.

This healing its meant to be shared with anyone that might need it. I'll describe step by step, you can use it in any area where you have pain, physical or emotional. It is important to emphasize that this does not replace attention or medical treatment and that if you are in a lot of pain and you haven't consulted a doctor, please do, this healing its just a complement.

If you are a very intuitive individual or you need to work some chakra or energetic center, you can use this method as well. Its made so that it can be adapted to different contexts and situations.

What's important about this healing is that it is self-healing, even though it can be applied to others, its recommended to do it personally and alone, as it helps you to connect with your energetic potential, something that we tend to forget we have in ourselves.

If you are a healer by nature and you wish to apply this healing to someone, its advisable to do it just a couple of times and advise people to do it on their own later.

It is highly recommended for crisis and believe me, I know that sometimes it seems impossible to have a break in moments of intense pain and emotional crisis, but it is more than possible. A technique is to breathe deeply, do a prayer and leave resistance as much as possible.

It also connects us with our intuitive nature, something we ignore constantly. It is very important to trust in this nature and this healing helps and exercises this aspect that allows getting to know ourselves even better.

Step1_ Lay down or get comfortable in a chair, your body needs to feel as comfortable as possible. You choose how. There are people that prefer the lotus position or laying down on one side. You just have to listen to your body and do what it's telling you!

Step2_ Now it's important to take your attention to your palms, try to concentrate and sense what color(energy) comes out naturally and apply this color visualizing that it comes out of your palms and apply this energy in the most affected area, where there's pain or trouble. If you can't see or sense which color comes out of your palms, visualize the color that you are most attracted to and do it this way.

Step3_ Now that you are passing this color(energy) in the area, its necessary to sense how do you feel this area and if you see a color, remember it, if it has a texture, shape or form.

Step4_ While you do this exercise of passing energy, concentrate in what you feel and at the same time send this light and color to the area ( you decide how much time, whatever you think necessary, if you don't know, do it for about 5-10 minutes)

Step5_ Place your hands as if you're holding a sphere, visualize the color, shape or texture that you saw previously on step3. Imagine that you place this inside the sphere, floating in the middle. Here you have to breathe very deeply when inhaling imagine that your filling with love, light and energy. When exhaling imagine that there's energy in your heart that goes out as a stream of water or even as if it is air and send it to the sphere and the color, texture or shape of the affected area. Imagine that from your heart there's a breath of energy and it carries a color, one that you prefer or sense. Again if you see no color or can't sense it, use warm yellow, the color of faith. Do this for a while until you feel that you've transformed that energy of the affected area into that color of your choosing or yellow. When you feel this, start to put your hands together slowly until they are completely together.

Step6_ Now put the tip of your fingers together and with breathing, you're going to visualize that there's a stream of warm yellow light that goes through your hands, concentrate and imagine that this energy it's passing with a lot of power through the center of your palms. You can verify when it feels warm in your fingers.

Step7_ Whenever you feel this energy running through your palms and its warm, you're going to apply it with your hands, the way to do it, it's visualizing that you apply this energy full of faith and love, this warm yellow light. When you inhale imagine that this energy gains strength and when you exhale apply it all to the areas in need. Do this as long as you consider necessary. It can relax you and make you feel calmer, at this moment you can connect with the universe, God or cosmic energy that fills you with love and vitality. If you like, you can even ask for help to high dimensional beings to keep healing you. This is an ideal space to go deep within.

Be thankful for this precious moment and let the energy be more powerful. There are people that can perceive guides, ascended master or loved ones. You can ask them to guide you through this healing.

If you are a devotee of a master like Jesus or Buda, you can ask them to heal you through you and heal you directly.

We constantly forget that we are composed of other tiny beings, these beings are our cells and atoms. Imagine that you talk to them and thank them for their hard work, especially for your ailment. Tell them you love them and that you know that they are doing their best, send them light.

Step8_ When you feel the area really warm and relaxed, you can stop doing it. You have to throw faith in the area constantly (at least this is how the being says so)

Step9_ Now that you perceive the area healed or that it feels more relaxed and full of love and good vibes 😉place your hands again like holding a sphere and imagine that everything has been healed with warm light, if you feel like and you feel there's a bit of “off” energy, then send light from your heart. Again, now that the sphere is full of light, put your hands together slowly. When your hands are together, send a thought and this energy to the universe and Gaia, this helps to ground the healing and at the same time, create a connection to mother earth.

Step10_ The last step consists of doing something that is called a lock and it helps to crystallize and condense the energy that you used to heal and let it be contained in the area. With the palm of your hands looking down in the area, leave a tiny space between your skin and your hands, visualize again warm yellow light. Imagine that your hands are a scanner and you will pass this light with your hands into the area. Inhale and exhale slowly and imagine that you are pushing this energy and it's been contained in that precise spot. You're going to place your hands every time you breathe closer and closer to your skin .. when your hands are now touching your skin you'll notice that is going to be very warm, now you can be thankful and if you want, you can pray or simply just end it there relaxed.

It's necessary to keep yourself in the present, this will help even more to enjoy the experience. Its a way of taking care of yourself, it will help in your life with impulses, fear and impatience. This healing works for a crisis, but it's very important to do it often if you feel it. You can even do it daily, every now and then or just in moments of crisis, that depends on the person and what they might need.

It can be done for life, like a medicine that you can find in your own being. The best medicine, for sure 😉

The healing can come with intuitions about yourself that can help to heal even deeper, beyond the physical ailment. Good luck! And let the cosmos fulfill you with love and blessings. If you know someone that needs it or even if you just want to try, I encourage you to do it, its a way to exercise self-love.

If you tried it, please tell me how did it go!


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