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¿Old Soul or New Soul?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

old soul new soul

Have you heard about these terms? Maybe you've already made a test or you consider yourself either one of the two.

Today I'm gonna talk to you about them and why is so important to have Good criteria when it comes to applying them.

We've heard about old and new souls countless times, it is a classification that it's used even now and that many people consider the absolute truth or a possibility, but I come here to make your head hurt a bit. In my perspective, old or new souls don't exist but wait, don't leave yet… I want you to know why I'm saying this.

In previous blogs, I've touched on the implications of coming into this world. Ego is one of many of them, is a double edge sword, neither good or bad. Just misused. The ego is the one that helps us manage in the world. “It protects us”, but inside this protection purpose, it starts to learn things on its own and as time passes by, it becomes used to the many ways it has to protect us.

It sets its roots very deeply and many times it becomes difficult to mold, but, it is possible. The ego according to the teachings of one of my guides its a tool, that instead of dying, as many believe, it matures. This means that ego will remain, but more than being a prejudicial tool, it would be extremely useful and would know how to perform at its maximum capacity.

Why do I talk about the ego? because the ego is the one that inside this protection protocol chooses and classifies in a way that makes us feel either really good or really bad.

When you hear someone say that your an old soul, Deep inside it's nice to feel special, be different from the others, be old or new.

And yes, as surprising as it might be this also applies to those who feel like garbage and feel they have no value at all.

Like I mentioned in the last blog titled Multidimensional Connections: What are they? How can they help me? How can I experience them? Linear time does exist but for a particular experience and for certain functions in specific, when consciousness expands bit by bit, time can be perceived not only as linear but also as no time or parallel time.

Il admit, translation is key for purposes of knowledge dissemination. And I believe that all eras and times are valid in the universe and have a specific purpose. I think that a while ago considering that someone was an old soul, helped people to be open to new possibilities and perspectives, but I also believe that change and transformation are fundamental. I believe it is important to reconsider every concept and classification that we adopt as absolute truths and question where they come from, do they come from a pure and authentic knowledge? Or do they respond to the need of being different and special? Making this type of questions, at least from my perspective, benefits growth.

If everything exists at the same time, then everything IS.

The healing of the inner child that I mentioned in the previous blog, exists precisely because YOU, ALWAYS ARE, you were not, are or would be, you just simply are and that means that your inner child, twenty-year-old and old you, exist at the same time.

Another thing that plays a very important part of this, is the concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation according to many sources and beliefs, is when your body dies and your soul reborn in a new body. As if the soul transports itself from body to body, although there's some truth to it, the phenomenon that happens is the one of incarnation. This means that a “superior” consciousness incarnates in different aspects of itself and lives every experience at the same time and your higher self is that consciousness that lives all of the experiences in a fully conscious way. We can make our experience align with our higher self in other to experience this at a certain level. Nonetheless, the fact that your higher self has full consciousness doesn't mean that it is “older” than you, it only means that is aware and conscious.

This will lead us to have an interesting reflexion and It can explain the why of the translation and the concept of new or old soul.

The different ways in which the unconscious and conscious manifests depend on what we know of our own world, like the inheritance of our ancestors. This concept its called archetype and it was proposed by Carl Jung. According to Carl Jung, these archetypes are part of the collective unconscious and represent something in particular.

One example would be an older person. Someone with this characteristic can represent for us as collective, wisdom, experience, strength, amongst other things and someone like a baby would represent, a new beginning, playful energy, purity or for other cases lack of experience.

This doesn't make you think, that maybe these archetypes are the ones that are defining your concept of ancient soul?

I believe that when someone perceives an individual as an old soul, it's been sensitive enough to what that person it's contributing in this particular experience, meaning, with their present qualities.

We have to be careful because even though it seems harmless, considering or classify ourselves as “something” might put us in a position of superiority or inferiority, which in the end the only thing that does is harm us and keeping us very limited.

The important part of all of this is to be aware of those labels that serve more the ego than our expansion and before making something the absolute truth, reflect from inside, that way we can find the answers.

I hope this gave you a new perspective and if you have a different or unique one, don't doubt and share it. If you liked this blog I invite you to read the other entries on the blog and NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF.


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