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Energy Update | Lions Gate is open

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

A powerful wave of energies is coming and one of the largest purges that we have seen as a collective, it is super important to prepare for this, since it will not be easy to travel, but do not worry, now it is very important to meditate, take care of yourself, listen intuitively what the body needs, whether more water, food, rest or more activity. Our interactions with others are also super important and you have to take care of yourself in absolutely all aspects.

Many traumas from the past will come out and mainly anxiety and a lot of mental noise. This purge will have to be lived in a very conscious way, it is ESSENTIAL to become the observer and make the constant effort not to get hooked at all with the thoughts that anchor us to the old energies based on 3d. As a consequence of this internal purge, there will be a purge that will be seen externally and it is advisable to focus 111% on ourselves and the interior and if chaos is seen outside, simply send light and love, since these energies when passing through us internally they are alchemized. So BEWARE, do not get involved, because that will translate into a significant waste of energy that will be better to reserve to manifest things in your favor and that will therefore be inevitably beneficial for the collective.

This portal is characterized by the power of manifestation (it will be miraculous to witness it) and if you take advantage of this wave and purge it is a moment of incredible acceleration that has not been seen in a long time. So go through it and at the same time write down your desires and every day visualize those desires with your heart, feel them as if you were already living them and they were here in your present moment, there will be no room for disbelief in this portal and if you perceive although be a little, ignore it and remember how children are and become one, even if it seems "ridiculous".

Mental noise and mixed energies are likely to distract you, but keep your mind strong. A few years ago the messages were softer, because, although we have the ability to go through anything, now it is important more than ever to know that as humans we have a lot of strength and courage. So get ready today, meditate (or do activities that fill you and connect you with your passions), drink water, eat what your body asks of you, connect with people who help you grow and raise your vibration and the most important thing is be the observer and always have in the heart first and the mind later the desires and what we want to achieve, so that we can access the portal and enhance its power of manifestation. It will be so powerful that if you stay in your center and surf the waves well you will be able to manifest 11 times faster than normal, so let's love it, Welcome Lions Gate 😉!


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