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Energy report

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Aid to Gaia

You may feel disoriented these days, with a feeling of not being able to find yourself. Now it is a very energetically moved time and one of the many things that are happening is that we are going to jump timelines, this means that now there are many possibilities that are happening at the same time and we now have the possibility of choosing our ideal timelines and jump. That is why it is very important that you have some practice that calms you down, but the most important thing is that you practice grounding. If you are an empath or a lightworker, even more so, it is IDEAL that you do this, since you may feel extremely tired or with energetic symptoms and it is precise because of those changes that are happening now. Both you and mother Gaia need to get all the cosmic energy down to its roots so that all that knowledge and new things to come can be applied to the earth in a balanced and useful way for us. Every day right after waking up, do your daily meditation practice and ground. If you do not have a practice, I recommend you do only grounding.

To do this be barefoot, standing up or sitting in a chair, relax and breathe deeply, visualize the number 3, three times, then 2, two times, 1, three times. Keep breathing deeply. Relax your head, eyelids, jaw, neck, chest, back, arms, abdomen, hips, belly, and legs. Now that everything feels very relaxed, breathe deeply and while inhaling visualize how your crown chakra opens and receives a very bright white light that comes from the cosmos, let it go through all your body, when the light goes to the point of your belly, imagine that through your coccyx there are tree roots that connect directly with the earth and they light up with many different colors. Visualize all that light going t the roots of the earth and ask Gaia to take it and help you to be bañlanced during the day. Imagine that these roots connect with all the beings that live on earth and imagine that they are also doing this same practice. Offer Gaia this download of energy and take this opportunity to offer her as well everything that you feel, good and bad. Keep breathing deeply and stay there for a while. to get out of this contemplative state, thank Gaia for her service, and imagine that you'll be grounded all day long, supported by her. Light will dissipate, feel how this happens slowly, and start to feel each part of your body. To end it do a prayer or blessing. ***To do the grounding you can use this music:


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