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Channeling Quetzalcoatl Master of love and Hope

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Master Quetzalcoatl love hope

When I arrived, many didn't have any hope, it was lost. Governed by many things like hate, lust, and turmoil. I came, with the essence of this land, the one where care, hospitality, and unity in all was born.

I was born from the one.

Today I come with a message of hope, and I come to remind you of the role you all have here.

About me there's much “information”, but very little about my true propose, many think that im Jesus or a Viking that came from far away, but no. I, like you came from this land, the one that saw the birth of corn and cactus.

This land has qualities that you can access to, but for those who were not born here, they only have to remember hope.

I see how many of you lose it, you see to much outside. When we observe ourselves from the inside very deep, the only thing you'll find is that, love and hope.

Yes, maybe when you look inside for the first time or on the surface, you'll see darkness and those things that distress you, but one has to go even deeper.

One time I made a trip to the stars, just for fun and it happened in such a way, that I was open to everything, there were no limits and there I discover new friends that showed me new ways to see my universe and land.

Travel, get out of the limitations of your mind and feed hope, sometimes there's a lot of pain and it seems like it fades away or didn't exist in the first place. But the truth is that she remains and will remain till the end.

Penetrate the softness of your soul and recognize that even with the tumultuous noise, that's nothing, but just ONE experience among billions in your land, in your universe.

Observe and contemplate the cornfield, the corn, the cactus, and the brown dirt. How many thorns, how many corn grains, what grain of corn are you going to eat? Look at what you've sown, recognize the fruits of your harvest.

Today as the master of love and hope, ill plant the seeds of curiosity in you, so that you explore yourself from a place of love, not shadows. Yes, shadows exist, but today I want to focus on love. Because after all, what is and always has been, its the light.



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