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Channeling Pleiadian Collective D49ALPHA

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Pleiadian Collective

Channeled by Kaela We are the Pleiadian Collective, communicating with you, brothers of the earth, workers of the light.

These hectic times that you are living can take you down several paths, one of fear, another of truth, and in between a scale of grays.

Now it seems that everything is out of your control, but we are here to remind you of the mirage of the third dimension. Your true essence and power are neither transitory nor negotiable, nor do they totter with the waves of the world, even though it may seem that way at times.

This equinox is a powerful portal, surely you have been feeling its power since yesterday, you may be experiencing strong physical symptoms, do not let yourself be carried away by collective fear and observe with the eyes of your soul so that you can distinguish between all the speeches of your truth, which is universal and indisputable.

We come to strengthen you and remind you of your duty in this time and place that you chose. We know that it can be heavy, especially carrying a body from the third dimension and having to deal with the emotions of your personal stories, but do not be discouraged, it is time to tighten, despite the fatigue. By tightening we simply mean trusting in your destiny and that your work here is being accomplished even when sometimes you don't realize it, even in dreams, even asleep or walking down the street. Tightening does not mean working and working non-stop, it means letting go and allowing your higher selves to do the work for you.

This is why it may be that you feel extremely tired, many of you are transmuting the energies of the collective and that means experiencing fear, frustration, anger, despair, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, and palpitations. Do not be afraid and remember that you are protected and are doing exactly what you came here to do.

The energy of your earthly ancestors is pushing you hard towards a new transformation, it is necessary to connect with your roots, with the matrix of the earth and its stories and lineages.

Women can concentrate on their uterus, connect with their ancestral lines, and its healing power through the cave of the womb and the tunnel of the cervix, they have in their body the direct passage to the energies of all women that spawned mankind.

Each lineage brings its own medicine and you can bring it to your body and your consciousness by feeling and connecting with your uterus and belly area.

Men can focus on the umbilical cord, the one that one day united them with the nourishing placenta that was the origin of their life and the life of all who exist and have existed on this earth.

Your ancestors are at this time moving among you, to remind you of the strength, the courage, the resilience that you have experienced as a species through the centuries and millennia. The tools that have allowed them to survive in this dimension are at your fingertips with just closing your eyes and putting all your intention in remembering who you are and from where you come from, your 3D bodies FROM THE MUD OF GAIA and the DNA of all of us, your stellar brothers, your soul from the infinite source, we want you to know that you are from that same source, even though your journey through the years and the worlds has made you forget your endless and immovable power.

Stand firm as a pillar, remembering your center, your origin, and your truth, do not allow the veils of illusion, power, shame, fear, and uncertainty cloud your head to the point of forgetting that you are greater and powerful than all this chaos around you.

Allow yourself to rest, listen to your body and open your soul to the call of all your guides, your teachers, stellar brothers, angels and other beings that are here with all of you, accompanying you in the dark, reminding you that you are beacons, as long as you embrace it and accept it.

It is not an easy task, surely these days you have felt as if you were on guard and you are, your etheric body is working day and night together with the millions of lightworkers who are today incarnated on earth and this is the moment to redouble your strength, have confidence in your being and who you are, have faith in your work and your mission, let go of your need to control, understand, reason and have everything clear in your head and go lower to your heart, many answers will not reach you in the form of words or thoughts, that is why it is so important that you open your heart.

Feel mother earth rumbling in your entrails and make all your organs vibrate. Receive your gift, receive our transmission of love.

Always firmly reminding yourself not to leave your command post, keep doing your task with the collective and with yourself, this is not the time to rest (your body can rest and needs it, but your soul needs to be open for transmissions and downloads that you will be receiving in the form of messages or energy in the coming days and weeks).

We only need your will, soldier of the earth, and the other dimensions.

We admire your work and want to give you enough energy and security to continue on your way. We are with you brothers of the third dimension, never forget it, take hold of our unconditional love to continue walking.

Always yours and always at the request of the universal source and the galactic brothers, the Pleiadian collective.


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