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Channeling Ashtar Sheran

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Commander Ashtar Sheran
Commander Ashtar by Glenn Lewis @ Ascension Healing

Hello dear ones💖

Many of us see the stars and recognize in them the origin of everything, it is as if all the answers were in them and it is so. The stars are a set of very high vibrations, of highly evolved beings. These beings and energies that transmit high vibrations to us are there even when it is daytime and the Sun appears. If you realize this, you know that, even if you do not see them during the day, this does not mean that they have vanished. Take this example as something that you are going through at this moment, the human being requires to go through many experiences, among them, going through the experience of "heaviness", however, this does not mean that this is the only reality... Just like the stars, you also have aspects in yourself that are simply not seen for reasons such as the sun, if it is cloudy if it is day or night.

All the knowledge that you bring with you will be revealed when night falls or when the sun rises, and the stars, just as you, will shine with all the light that there is in the universe.

If you have experienced your connections with the cosmos, even with a star, help yourself from that experience or that light, that specific star or that galaxy. Observe that star and connect with it, imagine your heart being a small star that communicates with another if you cannot see the stars, use your imagination or photography. Visualize this connection.

They are always ready to support you on your way. The stars are our mothers, classmates, and teachers. Hold her hand as if you were her child. If you feel a special connection with one, tell her to help you now and to pour out all her knowledge. Let them guide you. Your sun has a LOT of KNOWLEDGE. Unimaginable, he can be your teacher now.

Those who feel even more identified with certain star clusters and places outside the solar system must connect with that particular knowledge of those solar systems and those experiences outside the earth, to download and use that knowledge that they have lived and continue to live, to help mother Gaia.

Those who have lived in the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion, Andromeda, the hat galaxy, Lyra (among many others), other universes, dimensions and have had contact with their hybrid children. Connect with them and that experience taking into account the rooting, download that knowledge to you, Gaia and your population.

You, being of beautiful Gaia and the Sun, earthseed, remember that you have been gestated in her womb since Gaia was young, she is your mother and you know exactly how her heart beats, let your heart beat to the rhythm of her. Put your feet on the ground and feel again the love that is in it, remembering this love, live it with force, and do not forget it. With Love, Your friend from the stars, Ashtar Sheran.


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