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Arcturian Channeling

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Arcturian Grid

Today we, your Arcturian brothers, are here today communicating with much affection.

We know that what you are going through is not easy, however, humanity has to know its potential, for eons haven't recognized your light, always diminished by uncertainty.

Today with the equinox open your hearts, just as the flowers open to receive the sun (knowledge) and let out of them the light that it has and that characterizes you. Humanity and its heaviness comes solely from your thoughts, not from your essence. Recognize and learn to see and feel your light and free souls, for that is how they are.

Don't forget your bond with Gaia and why you are here. Because you have decided to incarnate and be her children.

She is going through a period of intense transformation and needs your support as well. Do not be confused with the speeches, support by trusting in its truth, which is housed in your hearts and which comes from the very source that many of us call God.

Now there are many doors open to possible futures, most of them very good ones, but others charged with the same mistrust in yourself. Do not let this time subject you to low vibrations and take advantage of these events to prove to yourself that you are indeed capable of shaping your reality and manifesting what your heart longs for, peace, love, happiness, unity, and strength. You are very valuable and although many of us may not be there with you incarnate, rest assured that you are not alone.

We really are your brothers, perhaps many do not know us, but humanity for us is that door that is capable of opening millions of possibilities. I hope you can see yourselves with the same respect we see you. You would see that wonderful greatness ... Do not underestimate yourself and respect yourselves as beings who are here living a valuable experience for the entire universe.

Today close and begin a chapter and a new cycle full of courage and joy because YOU ARE LIGHT.


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