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AMNESIA – Why can't I hear my spirit guides?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Why can't I hear my spirit guides?

**If you like, you can read while you listen this ***

Coming into this world in most cases involves forgetting who we really are in order to experience whatever we chose to live here, the density of common thoughts, the turmoil, the peace. The goal of all this is to provide us lessons that we couldn't access unless it's in here, where you stand.

That's right, it's not a lie, the earth is, in fact, a school, but it's not a kindergarten or college. It's THE school. Many of us don't feel blessed enough because this world oftentimes feels heavy and full of misery, and yes while this is true and it's part of the experience, we forget that if it is a school, this means that it has important lessons at planetary, galactic and universal level. Being here its no coincidence, but you can live it in a limited way and let it go to waste all the delicious juice that the fruits of earth has to offer.

So when you come down to this world and decide to live the necessary experiences to obtain specific knowledge, you forget who you really are, you feel helpless without knowing what to do.

In fact, it would seem as if there's no reason to be in here. You know what I mean 😉 you forget where you originated, who created you, “who am I? who was I?”

This momentary amnesia is just part of the process of extracting the nectar out of the fruit, yeah, its uncomfortable, incomprehensible, but in the end, without this forgetfulness, you wouldn't have the lessons, nor the knowledge.

During the process, it seems as if we lose this intuitive ability, in reality, it's not lost it's just there in stand by mode, waiting for you to click the ON button, with no option of turning back.

We all come with the necessary abilities integrated to access universal knowledge and to connect with other subtle dimensions, is “subtle” in contrast with this particular experience. But this forgetfulness creates an illusion and it tricks you into believing that it's not possible to feel them, that is insane or that it's not even an option to think about it.

If you are in the search and you'll like to access these subtle dimensions that are inside you, the first and only step is to BELIEVE. Yes, only that, when you believe the doors start to open one by one and the possibilities become INFINITE. Without believing there are no possibilities, None :/

Starting to have interactions with the self, other beings, and energies in the universe needs to begin in a very intimate and personal way. You have to create your own and unique relationship with it, don't let anyone tell you what to do, you are the key master.

It is a process that requires patience but above all, a lot of curiosity… the type of curiosity that a child would feel, channel this energy every time that you wish to do this type of connection and let go, don't be skeptical, you can have very pleasant surprises along the way.

Listen to your spirit guides clearly requires for you to begin to make the exercise of listening to yourself and it might sound corny and a very repeated phrase. But the reality is that any relationship starts there, by listening deep and with the question, what is my being truly saying?


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