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Visualizing the New Earth

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Since time is a spiral, the new earth is already here with us, however sometimes it is difficult to perceive it, as humanity and as a collective we have powerful and magical tools, one of them is visualization. And in times like the ones we are experiencing, this tool is essential to be able to perceive and manifest that earth full of light, consciousness, love and abundance. I invite you to visualize this land together and bring it to the present, here with us. When Magic is done collectively it is even more powerful and effective. Let us move consciousness together and contribute to the ascension of Gaia and make her work easier. Those who complete the challenge will obtain a Badge for their participation and: -A Reading/Channeling from Spiritual Guides at $480ᴍxɴ -A Multidimensional Connections Reading/Channeling at $610ᴍxɴ **Feel free to invite those you know wish to contribute to the awakening of consciousness. This challenge is not only easy to complete, it is also fun (a fundamental element to raise the vibration of Gaia) 🧙‍♀️

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